Sharon D

March 13, 2015

Doctor Scott is a very talented surgeon. He performed a total knee replacement on my left knee. Before the surgery he gave me a large pamphlet to explain the importance of the pre-surgery and post-surgery exercises. It also answered many questions of what to expect after the surgery. I did all of the recommended pre-surgery exercises and was also shown in his office what the fake knee would look like. It was so helpful as I had no idea what was going to replace my bad knee. Also the suggested video of “total knee replacement” online was very interesting and enlightening. I felt very confident going in to surgery as I felt that I understood what was going to take place.

Of course the first 3 days or so I needed strong pain meds, but soon needed them less and less. I was walking around with a walker right away. The nurses were great! Then I went to a “swing bed” transferring to my local hospital and stayed there about 5 days where I received physical therapy daily for my new knee. When I came home, I started local physical therapy. I was also careful to do all of my post-op exercises, and as the days flew by, the swelling reduced. I was off pain meds, except for twice a week one hour before Physical Therapy. I used an ice pack some times. I walked, went up and down stairs (my hubby always in front of me to hold on to) and continued exercising and riding a stationary bike 2 miles a day. The Physical Therapist said I was doing amazingly well! He was happy at how fast I was recuperating, and I am 70 years old and a little overweight! I found that if I was a little stiff in the morning that getting up and walking around the house took all the stiffness away. I only used the walker in the hospital.Then went to a cane for a couple of weeks and since have packed it away.

It has been six weeks and I could not be happier with the results of my surgery by Dr. Scott and his supportive staff. I had to give the doctor a hug! I have to believe that my quick success is due to Dr. Scott’s “masterful hands” and my taking serious the recommended exercises that Dr. Scott suggested to me. After the operation, Dr. Scott flew off to England to attend a seminar by the doctor that invented the fake knee. I asked him what he learned at the seminar. He answered, “It is all in the geometry.” I liked that answer!

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