The Knee


We specialize in advanced knee replacement and knee care techniques. Our very own, Dr. David F. Scott, MD, is a specialist in this field. He consults with parts manufacturers, contributes significantly to the ongoing research in this field, and has been a contributor to many significant advances for knee replacement.

The knee joint joins the thigh with the lower leg and consists of two articulations: one between the femur and tibia, and one between the femur and patella. It is the largest joint in the human body and is very complicated. The knee is a mobile trocho-ginglymus (a pivotal hinge joint), which permits flexion and extension as well as a slight medial and lateral rotation.

The knee is relied upon in your regular activity and motion, and a healthy knee allows you to walk, twist, and bend easily. Since in humans the knee supports nearly the whole weight of the body, it is vulnerable to both acute injury and the development of osteoarthritis. At OSC, we are skilled at treating knee injuries and providing care that will get patients moving again.


Outpatient Knee Replacement

We specialize in advanced knee replacement techniques and now have outpatient options available for knee replacements right here in Spokane, Washington.

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