On-Site Therapy

At OSC, we provide comprehensive care for our patients’ needs. This includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and massage therapy all under one roof. We have experienced therapists with a range of skills who will work with our physicians to coordinate care for each patient.

OSC is the only orthopaedic clinic in the Inland Northwest with it’s own dedicated therapy facilities. Our patients have the flexibility to receive their physical therapy at any provider they choose, but there are several distinct advantages of using our facilities:

Better Post-Op Care:

The quality of post-op care you receive after an orthopaedic surgery can greatly affect the long-term results and ongoing quality of life. This is why we have done everything we can to ensure the very best for our patients. Here are couple highlights of our unique approach to physical therapy:

  • Our doctors and therapists work in close proximity allowing for better communication. This opens the door for more nuanced care and less chance of mistakes in the post-treatment process.
  • The close connection between our therapists and doctors also allows for immediate treatment adjustments with doctor feedback and input at every stage of the process.
  • We also have specialized machinery not available in most therapy facilities. And some equipment found nowhere else in Spokane.

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