The Hip

hip replacement x-rayWe specialize in hip care and advanced hip replacement techniques. Our very own, Dr. David F. Scott, MD, is a specialist in this field. He consults with parts manufacturers, contributes significantly to the ongoing research in this field, and has been a contributor to many significant advances for hip replacement.

The hip joint is formed by the articulation of the rounded head of the femur and the cup-like acetabulum of the pelvis and its primary function is to support the weight of the body in both static (e. g. standing) and dynamic (e. g. walking or running) postures. It forms the primary connection between the bones of the lower limb and the axial skeleton of the trunk and pelvis. Both joint surfaces are covered with a strong but lubricated layer called articular hyaline cartilage.

The head of the femur which leads into the hip is attached to the shaft by a thin neck region that is often prone to fracture in the elderly, which is mainly due to the degenerative effects of osteoporosis. The hip joints are the most important part in retaining balance. The pelvic inclination angle, which is the single most important element of human body posture, is adjusted at the hips.


Outpatient Hip Replacement

We specialize in advanced hip replacement techniques and now have outpatient options available for hip replacements right here in Spokane, Washington.

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