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No Bones About It

Posted on December 16, 2014
a closer look at the funny bone

Hitting your ‘funny bone’. It’s one of the only injuries that we can laugh about, literally. It’s even become an expression that we use for something funny that catches us off guard. The sensation is so strange that we’re not sure whether to laugh or cry. However, contrary to its title, the pain that we feel from hitting the funny bone isn’t from a bone at all –  it’s a nerve.

Some nerve

The ulnar nerve is the longest unprotected nerve in the human body,

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Owen Davis – Elbow

Posted on April 15, 2013

Owen Davis
Elbow Reconstruction
Chewelah, WA

“It all started when I fell off of a ladder while working on my roof. I knew I had hurt my arm, but I could move everything so I thought it was ok. The original diagnosis from the doctor in my hometown was that it was not broken, but the pain continued so my doctor sent me to OSC. By the time I got there,

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