Orthopedic Care Remains Available in Eastern Washington

While hospitals and most clinics in Washington State have focused their attention to handling the COVID-19 crisis, an unintended consequence has been a near total absence of attention to any kind of elective health problems and procedures. Resources are understandably concentrated on the pandemic, and health providers want to safeguard healthy patients rather than expose them to the virus in a hospital setting. However, OSC knows from our years of experience that “elective” orthopedic care and procedures can still be vitally important for an individual patient’s overall health and wellbeing. 

Ongoing Clinical Care

The need to support our orthopedic patients is the reason why we have kept our doors open during this critical time. We have focused on elevating our hygienic practices and maintaining social distancing for new and follow-up patients during their appointments. In accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines, we are performing temperature checks at entrances to our clinic for both patients and employees, and hand sanitizer is available to everyone upon arrival. We have masks available to those who want them, and we are wearing them ourselves under appropriate circumstances. We are also taking measures to disinfect common patient areas and exam rooms. We ask all friends, family members, etc. of patients to wait outside our buildings so as to decrease any risk and reduce traffic within our facility. 

Safe Surgery Options

On top of these measures taken in our clinic, we have also become one of the only resources for surgical orthopedic care in Eastern Washington. Since lockdown mandates mean patients can recover easily at home without missing other commitments, now can be an opportune moment to undergo a major procedure such as a total knee or hip replacement. With that understanding, we have maintained access for patients at our Pleasant View surgical center (in Idaho), both to help take pressure off hospitals, as they focus on controlling the pandemic, and to support our patients who want to use this time to improve their orthopedic health. We have also performed select major surgical operations, that formerly were only performed in hospitals, and completed them successfully in this outpatient surgical setting. 

As the center is reserved exclusively for such procedures, and does not have any urgent care, ER, or general medical clinic associated with it, we believe that our high standards of cleanliness will keep us all safer from coronavirus than is currently possible in a hospital setting (or will be for the foreseeable future), or for that matter in most public places such as grocery stores, etc. 

Now May Be the Best Time to Take Care of Your Orthopedic Problems

If being cooped up at home with little to do has made you realize just how limiting your orthopedic problem can be, or how much pain you experience every day, now might be the time to address these concerns, thanks to our ongoing, responsible orthopedic services. Additionally, it may be that many patients are currently not able to work due to the forced closures of many businesses, and so from an societal and economic perspective, we feel that it is very important to offer healthcare to appropriate patients NOW, so that they may re-enter the workforce sooner, and therefore eliminate time off from work once businesses are able to reopen in the future. The US economy has suffered so much already, we hope that OSC can in some small way contribute to our society.

Helping Each Other with Necessary Precautions

At the same time, it is important that we work together to avoid the spread of contagious germs.  If you have an appointment and have been experiencing any cold/flu symptoms, or have been exposed to anyone who has had these symptoms, please call us at 509-466-6393 and reschedule your appointment.

We understand it is a challenging time for all of us and we thank you so much for your understanding and support. As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to spread, we will monitor the situation and update this page accordingly. In the meantime, our promise to you is that we will continue to offer you world-class orthopedic care no matter the challenges.