5 Reasons You Should Consider Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery

Advancements in surgical techniques, pain management, implants, and recovery protocols make outpatient joint replacement surgery an option for many patients. Here are five reasons you should consider an outpatient procedure if you’re looking to get a joint replaced.

1. Shorter recovery time

Typically, joint replacements performed in hospitals require a 2 to 3 day stay. Because outpatient joint replacement surgery utilizes advanced surgical techniques, better implants, improved anesthesia, and expedited rehabilitation protocols, patients are often able to walk out of the surgical center under their own power later the same day. Dr. Scott utilizes a comprehensive pre-op and post-op care routine that improves a patient’s recovery time and gets them back to their normal activities faster.

2. Lower chance for complications

OSC’s outpatient joint replacement surgery is performed at a specialized surgical center that does not service sick patients. These super clean facilities lower the chance for post-operative complications. OSC and Dr. Scott boast incredibly low infections rates compared to the national average (read more about those here), and outpatient joint replacement surgery is no different.

3. More control over the procedure

Another reason for lower complication rates is the control surgeons get over the procedures at these surgical centers. Dr. Scott is a leading orthopaedic researcher in the region, and has spent many years working to improve the joint replacement process. Typically, because normal hospitals abide by certain protocols and contracts, surgeons may be limited in the tools and devices they can use. Not so at the surgical centers where outpatient surgery is performed. These centers allow Dr. Scott to use the knowledge and techniques he’s honed over his years of research, all leading to better outcomes for his patients.

4. More individualized care

Another benefit to outpatient surgery is the individualized care patients receive. Because the surgical centers are smaller, there is a lower caregiver-to-patient ratio, ensuring that no matter where you’re at in the process, you’ll have hands-on care, start to finish, with dedicated staff members. This focused, individualized care can really put a patient at ease.

5. Recover from your own home

One of the best benefits to outpatient surgery is the ability to recover from the comfort of your own home! Most patients check-in for surgery in the morning, spend a couple hours in the recovery area, and leave sometime in the afternoon – spending a total of 4 to 6 hours in the surgical center total. They then have a follow-up visit with a nurse in their own home. For patients who live out of town, we have a program that allows them to stay at a local hotel after surgery. They can be visited by a nurse after surgery, and the day following, before they return to their home.

While not for everyone, outpatient joint replacement surgery is a great fit for otherwise healthy patients. Watch the videos below and learn about the experience some of our patients had with outpatient joint replacement surgery, and schedule an appointment today to see if it may be a fit for you.