Debra Peale – Total Hip Replacement

Debra Peale
Two Total Hip Replacements by David Scott MD
Benton City, WA


“Because of my orthopaedic care, I am 53 years old and just getting better!

I had both hips replaced in 2008 – 6 months apart.  I had changed jobs because my former job required me to go up and down very steep stairs all day long.  I couldn’t do it without a lot of pain.  Then I got a desk job.

Dr. David Scott was the 7th surgeon I went to.  Mostly because I really didn’t want have the replacement so I kept looking.  I had a very good sense about him and liked that he was into research.  He and his PAs were very good and easy to talk with.  I really liked the partnership with Holy Family Hospital.  The nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapist really knew what they were doing and I was well prepared to go home.  The first surgery I was scared and they didn’t push me out and the next one I was ready to get out.  I knew what to expect.

Because of the hip pain, I was not exercising and got rather “soft”.  After the surgery I had a lot of physical therapy and exercises.  I continue the leg exercises today although not as much.  Upon more healing, I was getting in shape and was able to lose weight.  In 2010 I walked my first ½ marathon and finished strong!  My goals have changed, no longer is speed the goal, it’s finishing strong and I am achieving it.  2012 will be my 27th year of completing Bloomsday.  Prior to surgery Bloomsday was completed with quite a deal of pain and a lot of Aleve.  I am proud to be a member of Orthopedic Specialty’s “Replacements” team.  I am thrilled to be able to complete Bloomsday pain free.

Yes, the first time back on my horse there were tears of joy.  Wow did it feel great to be back in the saddle!  I know my horse felt happy also.  I CAN ride horses, I CAN walk, I CAN ride my bike.

I am very happy to have someone ask me about my hips.  I have a write-up that I share, “Hip Replacement According to Debra”.  I don’t beat around the bush and give them information that I learned and information that my husband inputted.  My husband was absolutely terrific in my recovery.  I continue to strengthen my muscles doing Kettle bells, walking, biking, elliptical, aerobics, treadmill, and of course working on our small farm.  But I CAN!

My summer interns talked me into losing the granny swimsuit with the skirt and we all went to the water park.  No one looked.  I had a fear of people staring at the scars.  It didn’t matter with me going down the water slides.  My husband and I went on a cruise in 2011 and I felt good to wear a swimsuit in public.  We walked and walked and walked.  I CAN.  These things would not have been possible had I not had the excellent care and also my determination and my husband’s support.  I CAN!”

-Debra Peale

Dr. David Scott replaced both of Debra’s hips in two surgeries that were six months apart. Debra was particularly impressed with Dr. Scott’s seamless coordination with the hospital where the surgery took place to provide Debra with the care she needed.