What Our Patients Are Saying

I've been bragging about Dr. Scott and his PT assocs. for a year. In Feb '14 he repaired my triceps tendon and in Nov '14 he performed a total knee replacement. PTs were instrumental to my quick recovery both times. I have several friends with knees replaced at other clinics, from two months to two earlier than mine. My friends can't understand why my recovery has been so fast. I'm way ahead of them. Excuse me, I'm off to the driving range.

Paul G December 3, 2015

I was very pleased with the attention. Dr. Scott listened to my concerns and cooperated in getting a prosthesis that I would not be allergic to. I really appreciated his provision of the CPM device. I think it made a tremendous difference in the short duration of my recovery. OSC has my most enthusiastic endorsement.

Linda S December 3, 2015

Dr. Scott is the single best specialist I have ever had the privilege of seeing. He has time to listen and to fully answer all my questions. His care is superb and personal. Each of the other persons in his office with whom I have had contact and who have provided various levels of care, was attentive and able to help. His immediate support staff saw to it that my needs were fully met in a timely manner. Contact with his office and communication both to them and from them is excellent. I cannot say enough good things about these wonderful people who gave me back the ability to live a full, satisfying life.

Len Z December 6, 2015

From the start everything was scheduled to perfection. No surprises and could not believe how fast I was back on my feet. I would suggest to anyone in need of full knee replacement to follow the instructions given, you will be pleasantly surprised how fast you can recover. I thank everyone involved to giving me back my active lifestyle. I went back to karate class after a couple of months and doing better than before surgery.

Dave S December 6, 2015

Dr Scott listens to the patient and there is no question that is too trivial. He takes the time to fully explain procedures and shows the patient the procedure with patient x-rays, MRIs, models, etc. He makes the patient comfortable and does not rush through things, making the patient feel they are the only one with any special knee condition. I highly recommend OSC!

Sharon S December 6, 2015

Dr. David Scott and staff were always on time. Surgery and recovery went great. This was my second hip replacement and I felt the total experience was both professional and caring, and would recommend highly.

Barbara D February 15, 2016

Dr David Scott performed total knee replacement on my left knee, and eight weeks later on my right knee. It's been six months since the surgery on my right knee, and I am able to walk again without pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Scott and his staff for the care they provided, and for making the whole experience as comfortable as this type of surgery allows. I also want to mention that my physical therapist, Kris Holden, managed to make my therapy sessions fun, which helped me work through the pain of recovery. All in all, I would highly recommend Dr David Scott and the whole OSC staff to my friends who may need orthopaedic surgery in the future.

Catherine C February 15, 2016

I've been bragging about Dr. Scott and his PT assocs. for a year. In Feb '14 he repaired my triceps tendon and in Nov '14 he performed a total knee replacement. PTs were instrumental to my quick recovery both times. I have several friends with knees replaced at other clinics, from two months to two earlier than mine. My friends can't understand why my recovery has been so fast. I'm way ahead of them. Excuse me, I'm off to the driving range.

Paul G February 15, 2016

It has been six months now and I am completely satisfied with the results of the total knee replacement. I am now pain free and can handle most tasks comfortably including yard work and household chores. I would encourage anyone considering knee replacement to consider OSC. They will take good care of you and if you discipline yourself to follow the exercises and therapy recommendations I'm sure you will be completely satisfied.

Clyde R February 15, 2016

Dr. Scott was the best about getting me help with my new knee. I've had two now and couldn't be happier, the staff was great I highly suggest getting your physical therapy form this clinic, I tried a couple near places near my home in the Valley I wasn't happy with them period...I finally used Dr Scott's physical therapy and it was so much better than the others not even close.

Timothy J February 15, 2016

Having Dr. David Scott do surgery on my knee was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. He explained everything that he was going to do and even why I was having the problem that I had. I am so happy with the results, I have healed quickly and I give him the credit as he told me that this was a going to be easy for me. He is the most genial Dr. that I have ever had and he has the most patient staff and they are happy to help us patients with whatever we need and they explain things so that we don't feel like idiots. I have recommended Dr. Scott to several people that have had to have the same surgery or hip replacement. This office is awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to let everyone know how much I appreciate Dr. Scott.

Pat H February 15, 2016

I have now had Dr David Scott do total knee replacements on both knees and I could not be happier with the care I received or the results. They do the total job from pre-surgery to surgery to rehab afterwards. The entire staff is both professional and knowledgeable. Everything is explained in detail and all questions answered in all phases of your care. Simply put I would not consider going to any where else but OSC for any care I need on bone or joints.

Mark M February 15, 2016

I have had both a knee replacement on my left knee, and an arthroscopic repair of my right knee. Both surgeries went very well. My left knee was in very bad shape and Dr. David Scott did a wonderful job replacing my knee. I'm not going to say it didn't hurt. It did, but the Dr. and his wonderful staff were there every step of the way. I was very concerned about using the pain medication correctly. The whole staff was very patient with me, helped me face my fears and it all worked out very well. I was literally back on my feet the following day. The physical therapy right in the clinic is a wonderful thing! They are awesome people, who worked me hard but didn't cause extra pain. As a matter of fact, I am convinced the PT is what shortened my recovery to just a few weeks! I will always be thankful to Dr. Scott and his staff. They gave me back the active lifestyle I had lost so long ago!

Duane C September 14, 2016

Dr. David Scott has been my doctor for 19 years. He has in that time replaced both my hips and both my knees. I have had complete success with all my replacements. He is a very skilled surgeon. He has a wonderful staff also. I would highly recommend him for any replacements.

Kathy M October 18, 2016

I've had both hips replaced in the last 9 months by Dr. Scott. His staff did a wonderful job with my care and questions both before and after my surgeries. Both surgeries went very well and I was very pleasantly surprised at the minimal amount of pain immediately following the surgery and during the recovery period. All the hip pain I had prior to the surgeries is gone and I feel great now. I would highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone that needs hip replacement surgery. Thank you Dr. Scott and staff!

Mark E November 4, 2016

I came from out of town to have my knee replaced by Dr. David Scott, and I am very glad that I did. Everybody in his office is very professional and friendly. He and his staff are aware that I have to travel for appointments and group different appointments to minimize my travel. I have never felt rushed in any visits with Dr. Scott or his physician assistant Matt Sutter, and they always answered my questions and explained procedures. During appointments my results were thoroughly examined, not given a cursory glance. As a retired scientist as well as a patient I value Dr. Scott’s commitment to clinical research where new innovations and treatments are tested. Any printed material describing pre or post-surgery procedures are thorough, very professional looking, and not difficult to decipher Xerox copies. For almost 2 years my knees interfered with playing golf, yet seven weeks after my total knee replacement I was hitting golf balls, eager for the season to begin. I should have done this a year ago.

I highly recommend Dr. David Scott and his team to anyone considering a knee replacement.

Alberta B December 11, 2016

Dr. Scott did my left knee replacement surgery about three years ago. I had excellent results and could not have been happier with the treatment I received. When my right knee started giving me problems, I went back to Dr. Scott and received the same excellent care as before. I am still rehabbing my right knee, but the surgery (outpatient), follow-up, and recovery has been even better than the first go round. I am looking forward to hiking and mountaineering without pain for the first time in many years. I recommend Dr. Scott to my friends and relatives. Hopefully, I am done with joint surgeries, but if I need any more, I will definitely return to OSC for my care.

Brad H December 12, 2016

I have had two knee replacements at OSC by Dr. David Scott and it's been a breeze. I very highly recommend OSC to any one needing a knee replacement. Dr. David Scott is VERY meticulous in his care. I'm a registered nurse, just retired, and after two knee replacements, if I had a third knee, Dr. David Scott would be my surgeon again!

Nothing but the best! Way to go OSC, you ARE the best!

Colleen Y March 1, 2017

Dr A. Scott did an excellent initial interview explaining the extent of my shoulder injury, explaining that it might not be repairable and the ramifications, allowing me to make the decision whether to have the surgery, which was completed successfully. Her post-op information and instructions were clear and concise. She took time during followup appointments to answer any and all questions and to provide excellent guidance. I feel I have a very good idea of what my future limitations may be and what I need to do to ensure the complete healing and future health of the shoulder. I'm absolutely satisfied with everything provided by Dr. A. Scott.

Dan R March 7, 2017

I had my left knee replaced over a year ago by Dr. David Scott. I followed his directions and ended up with a perfect working knee in record time. He had me go in for a 6 week check, 6 month check, and an annual checkup and all is very good. His staff is congenial and very helpful. The doctor who put the staples in did an excellent job and all feels and looks wonderful.

Sandra N March 15, 2017

As I have had a few different health issues arise in the past two years with regard to my knees, OSC has helped me with 3 different surgeries. With two partial knee replacements and one arthroscopic, I feel I have the experience to honestly rate this medical team. From the waiting room to the examination, you can be sure your every concern will be dealt with. Time is no factor for your examination. If surgery is in your results, know that everyone will be in your corner. From Carla in scheduling and billing, to Matt the PA, and of course Dr. Scott, your surgeon. I have dealt with larger corporate medical offices and know all to well how it feels to be just a patient number. You definitely will experience satisfaction when dealing with the expertise of this independent, gifted, caring team.

Carol M April 14, 2017

Everyone at OSC has been so helpful and so Johnny-on-the-spot if any need arises that I can't say enough good things about the level of care I've received there.

Jerry M July 24, 2017

It is now six months after my knee replacement and to date I have played 25 rounds of golf. I had my surgery in January and played my first round of golf 7 1/2 weeks later. I was very diligent about my physical therapy, which OSC provided in their office, and count that, plus an excellent surgeon for that success. I continue to be diligent about my exercise routine. The staff and office personnel are very friendly and helpful. A great experience!

Rod V July 25, 2017

I have had 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement. My care has been absolutely wonderful with OSC, and particularly with Dr. David Scott. I would highly recommend anyone needing a hip or knee replacement to have Dr. David Scott perform the surgery.

Francine E August 5, 2017

Dr. Scott and Matthew have been attentive to my needs and care. All ancillary staff members have been extremely professional, courteous and supportive to me as I have gone through the restorative surgery and healing process. I would recommend OSC to my extended family and friends. I am so appreciative of what has been done that I am scheduling the other hip for replacement rather than waiting until next year. I will be in good hands.

David D August 17, 2017

I had my second total knee about 10 months ago. Outpatient surgery and quick recovery. Loving both my new knees. Just completed a 20 mile hike in the Enchantments, 6800 vertical elevation gain and 9600 descent over very rugged terrain. Both knees did great and it is wonderful to hike without knee pain. I now get to do what I love. My care at OSC was exemplary and I heartily recommend Dr. Scott.

Brad H August 20, 2017

Dr. Scott performed my hip replacement several years ago, and I couldn't be happier with the result. He also replaced my husband's knee last year, again with a good outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Scott.

Robin C August 30, 2017

Thank goodness there are talented and special people like Dr. Scott and his staff who can and will take care of ordinary people like me. I received a total knee replacement about 8 weeks ago. I'm already walking better than I have for many years. From start to the present, it was well organized and informative. You get an info pack before surgery that is very thorough. I am still referring to it for exercises, etc. Again thanks Doc. I recommend you to anyone needing a new knee.

Tom D September 6, 2017

My care was exceptional. Both Dr. Scott and Matt Sutter were very thorough and explained everything so I could understand what was involved and could make an informed decision. I had no reservations about having the surgery and am beyond pleased with the outcome.

Cheryl J October 19, 2017

I'm very happy with the work Dr. David Scott and Matt Sutter did on my knee replacement. Six weeks post surgery and today I was able to get back in my swim spa and lightly paddle a bit. The office was fantastic answering questions and meeting my needs.

Lorraine S October 22, 2017

Had great care from the first visit through my last. My only regret is that I put it off for as long as I did!

Melinda F December 20, 2017

It takes a village. Dr. Scott has assemble a team that I challenge you to find better. From front desk to X-ray to nursing; and big shout out to physical therapy, and last but certainly not least, Dr. Scott and his PA Matt. I have special medical needs and felt reassured that they were understood and taken seriously, which they were.

Laura L December 20, 2017