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Orthopedic Specialty Clinic is the leader in joint health for Spokane orthopedics. Our clinic offers orthopedic solutions, surgeries, and treatments for every patient. We address problems issuing from chronic arthritis in shoulders, knees, or hips, or from critical injuries to joints or ligaments. We know Spokane’s orthopedic patients are looking for the highest quality, full-service care, and we exist to provide that care. Additionally, our services are so exceptional that we attract patients from all over the Inland Northwest, and even the country. 

Orthopedic Specialty Clinic: A Leader in Spokane Orthopedics

OSC recognizes that physician-driven research is critical for finding new and better ways to serve patients. For this reason, Dr. David Scott takes pride in being a leading researcher among Spokane’s orthopedic physicians, especially in the area of joint replacement. He initiates many of his own studies, making him unique in the orthopedic field, and employs a strong team to support his process. Every OSC team member therefore maintains certifications with the National Institute of Health and the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. Our single-minded focus on excellence and innovation has led to us to become the #1 highest rated clinic in the Spokane area and beyond.

In addition, Dr. Scott has been Spokane’s leader in orthopedic technology design. His work has included development of a state-of-the-art knee replacement system. He continues to help design the new tools shaping orthopedics today. His commitment to research expands into the academic world and helps drive the future of the profession. He is on the academic staff at both University of Utah and University of Washington. His efforts have widened the national sphere of influence for Spokane orthopedic practice.

Orthopedic Specialty Clinic’s Unique Services

Starting from the initial consultation, Orthopedic Specialty Clinic offers a full-service orthopedic experience. A full team of expert surgeons, nurses, and physical, occupational, and massage therapists help each patient. Diagnosis leads to a treatment plan fully customized to individual needs, whether therapeutic or surgical. This includes a convenient, on-site physical therapy plan. Sports injuries, chronic pain, effects of arthritis and osteoporosis—we address all these concerns with our patients.

Shoulders & Ligaments

Depiction of joints treated in Spokane orthopedics servicesThe shoulder can be prone to injuries of the ligaments or rotator cuff, leading to a need for treatment or surgical repair, in some cases. Dr. Amaryllis Scott is a leader among Spokane orthopedic surgeons for these services. Athletes or arthritis patients suffering from shoulder pain can consult with her to decide on a complete range of treatment for their specific condition.

Knees & Hips

Dr. David Scott is Spokane’s orthopedic specialist for knee and hip procedures. As one of the most critical human joints, which enables patients to bend, straighten, walk, stand, twist, and turn, the knee is especially vulnerable to injury, and arthritic damage to the knee can be debilitating for older patients. For this reason, Dr. Scott has focused on total knee replacements adapted to each patient’s anatomy through kinematic alignment. He will also explore surgical alternatives for younger patients. In addition, the clinic will work with these younger clients to treat and alleviate pain from torn knee ligaments and cartilage.

For patients dealing with hip fractures or arthritic damage, OSC is also Spokane’s premier orthopedic service-provider. Dr. Scott takes pride in offering hip replacements customized to each patient through modular hip implants. He chooses components with dimensions and materials suited to the patient’s particular anatomy and lifestyle. He is also open to discussing alternatives to total hip replacement such as hip resurfacing or surgical dislocation and debridement. These may be better options depending on the patient’s age and overall health.

Surgical Options

Orthopedic Specialty Clinic is also a front-runner among Spokane orthopedic institutions for outpatient surgical services. Many patients find that outpatient surgery is a better option for their lifestyles. They can conduct their recovery process after surgery in a comfortable and familiar home setting, which can lead to better outcomes both physically and psychologically.

Full On-Site Physical Therapy Clinic

OSC Spokane Orthopedics Front OfficeA critical component of recovery from orthopedic procedure is physical therapy. A full-service, integrated, on-site physical therapy practice makes OSC unique in the Inland Northwest and Spokane.  The on-site therapists focus on post-op orthopedic rehabilitation, as well as injury-preventative measures like running and gait analysis. An on-staff, certified and licensed massage therapist also raises the standard of treatment in OSC’s therapy department, providing relief for patients suffering from sore muscles or chronic pain.


Spokane’s Front-Runner for Orthopedic Patient Safety

According to the American Joint Replacement Registry, OSC is outstanding both in Spokane and nationwide. OSC’s primary knee infection rate after surgery is five times better and its primary hip infection rate three times better than the national average. Moreover, OSC’s patients enjoy hospital stays much shorter than the national average, with many other US patients experiencing hospital recovery times at least twice as long.

All of OSC’s surgical procedures are performed at Providence Holy Family Hospital in Spokane. The institution is fully approved and accredited by the Joint Commission. Additionally, it is recognized nationally as a symbol of quality and commitment to the highest standards of orthopedic health care quality. The institution regularly ranks in the top 5% for patient safety. Orthopedic patients from Spokane and beyond can rest easy in the care they will receive before, during, and after surgery under OSC’s guidance.

Satisfied Patients

OSC Spokane Orthopedics stats vs. United States averagesAt Orthopedic Specialty Clinic, we take pride in providing our customers safe and successful procedures and swift recovery times. Recipients of an OSC procedure are likely to find themselves much more satisfied with the results of their procedures than patients receiving treatment at other clinics in the country. According to statistics from the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR), on average OSC patients suffer 73% fewer post-op infections to their surgical sites and spend almost two days fewer in the hospital than do other orthopedic patients throughout the United States in general.

Safety, innovation, and patient-focused care are the hallmarks of excellence in orthopedic practice. Our glowing patient reviews confirm that OSC takes the lead in these areas of Spokane orthopedics. Our specializations in shoulder, knee, and hip treatment and surgery mean we can help you with almost any orthopedic health concern.

Here at OSC, we believe in improving each patient’s quality of life. We address the root cause of joint pain and arthritis symptoms with truly custom care. Come meet our team of expert physicians and physical therapists to discover and experience the best available care in Spokane orthopedics. If you are suffering from hip pain, contact Orthopedic Specialty Clinic today.

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