Sandra N

October 24, 2017

Dr Scott performed both my knee replacement surgeries. The left surgery was done in 2016 and the second was done this September, 2017. I had bone-to-bone pain constantly, no matter if I was walking, sitting, standing, etc. I chose having my left knee done first as it was the most painful. Because of other health issues I waited until this year to have my right knee surgery. The left knee surgery went very well; I did all the exercises I was given and no longer had those shooting pains in that knee. This year the right knee surgery went just a well as the left except that I seemed to heal quicker, pain subsided quicker and I am back to no pain in either knee. These surgeries were a God send and I am so thankful to be able to walk as much as I like again.

Matt prepared me well for the surgeries and did a beautiful job on the staple job. My left knee scar is barely noticeable and the right knee is healing nicely and will be looking just as well soon. I thank you all for the wonderful care that you gave me.

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