Patricia C

June 6, 2016

I had been having chronic hip and knee pain for about 4 years. In that time, I had been to many physical therapy appointment to try to help. Finally I agreed to have my hip replacement surgery in May 2014. The surgery went very well. I was up walking with a walker within 24 hours of surgery. The chronic hip pain was gone, of course I needed to heal from the surgery itself.

I live by a lake and I can walk around the lake, which is a 5 mile walk. I have walked in the last two Bloomsdays, and had no trouble. It is a great feeling not to be in pain anymore. Thank you God and Dr. David Scott for your wisdom, knowledge, experience and desire to help relieve our pain. Everything is going well. I continue to do my therapy and other exercises for the rest of my life! My motto is move it, or lose it! The doctor did his part, now I need to do my part to keep me healthy! Thanks.

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