Bruce A

December 9, 2014

My recommendation of Dr. David Scott is based off my personal experiences relating to two hip revisions. On both occasions, the care I received pre- and post-operative was of the utmost care and consideration of the patient. Dr. Scott not only finds a way to make you whole again, but also encourages you to regain the active lifestyle you were accustomed to living prior to the injury. He is no magician though, and you have to perform your part of the recovery. The intense and comprehensive materials provided to the patient to aid in healing are required reading, as is the utilization of the rehabilitation guidelines. During my short stay at Holy Family Hospital, I was impressed with the respect shown toward, and good words spoken about, Dr. Scott. You can usually gauge the quality of the doctor by how others refer to them, and all the conversations I had with care-givers and technicians were most favorable regarding Dr Scott. I would recommend Dr David Scott to anyone who wishes for a complete and extremely satisfactory recovery from injury not solely for his professionalism and attention to detail, but also because he not only “tells you like it is.” He also listens.

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