Preparing for Total Joint Replacement? Here’s What You Need to Know about After-Care

Here at Orthopedic Specialty Clinic of Spokane, we understand that the prospect of a major surgery like a hip or knee replacement can be daunting. That’s why we want our patients to be thoroughly educated, so that they can approach their procedure with confidence and peace-of-mind. 

Home Visits

Whether you undergo an inpatient or outpatient procedure, you and your primary caregiver will be supported by frequent visits from home nurses and physical therapists. Due to decreased mobility immediately after surgery, at OSC, we come to you for preliminary care and monitoring of your surgical site. Our goal is to make your procedure as easy and painless as possible. 

Wound Care

At our clinic, you will be given extensive instructions about taking care of your surgical site, including how to ice it, what medications to take, how to clean it, and how to monitor it for good progress. It is very common to experience warmth and numbness around your incision site for the first six weeks after surgery. Don’t panic! These symptoms are totally normal. Causes for concern are fever, redness, and extreme swelling which are signs of an infection. However, at OSC, our infection rates are less than one-third of national levels (which are already less than 1%), so your incision is in good hands with our surgeons. 

Activity Levels

It’s easy to imagine yourself laid-up for weeks and weeks after a joint replacement, but in fact we want to keep you active. Moving around and using the affected limb prevents the build-up of scar tissue and promotes healing. At OSC, we encourage you to be as active as you can tolerate, becoming more and more active everyday, since more effort put into recovery leads to quicker results. Discomfort in your hip or knee should be always your guide to how much you may do. If you have any concerns, consult with our in-house physical therapists for guidance. 

Here at OSC we are also aware that every patient’s needs are unique. During the time leading up to a joint replacement surgery, we will make sure you are totally comfortable with the procedure and have the chance to ask even the smallest question that occurs to you. We also work with your primary caregiver to be sure they too feel prepared to assist you. Contact us today to receive a customized orthopedic experience that can put your mind and your joints at ease.