Preparing for a Total Joint Replacement? Ask These Questions

Here at Orthopedic Specialty Clinic, we understand that the idea of a total replacement for a hip or knee can be daunting. That’s why we want to prepare each patient to feel confident that they are choosing the best procedure and the best orthopedic service when they come to us. These key questions can help you ascertain that your surgery will be a complete success:

  • How many of these procedures have you done in the past year? Overall?

We’re happy to report that Dr. Scott has years of experience with total joint replacement, since this is his area of specialization. He performs arthroplasties of the knee and hip at a high volume, as calculated by US News

  • What were complication rates? What post-operative infection rates did you see?

According to the American Joint Replacement Registry, OSC’s post-operative infection rate is 3-5 times better than the national average.

  • What if I need a revision surgery? How often does that happen?

Our patients remain in hospital recovery for half as long as the national average, indicating the success of our joint replacement procedures from the start. The extremely high rate of patient satisfaction and Dr. Scott’s commitment to research and state-of-the-art orthopedic technology means that almost no total joint replacement performed by OSC ever requires revision.

  • Six months after surgery, how is joint function for most of your patients?

OSC likes to rely on testimony from the patient to prove the effectiveness of our procedures: 

It is now six months after my knee replacement and to date I have played 25 rounds of golf. I had my surgery in January and played my first round of golf 7 1/2 weeks later. The staff and office personnel are very friendly and helpful. A great experience!” ~Rod V.

  • How are patients doing several years later?

Let’s turn to our patients again:

Dr. Scott did my left knee replacement surgery about three years ago. I had excellent results and could not have been happier with the treatment I received. When my right knee started giving me problems, I went back to Dr. Scott and received the same excellent care as before. I am still rehabbing my right knee, but the surgery (outpatient), follow-up, and recovery has been even better than the first go round. I recommend Dr. Scott to my friends and relatives.” ~Brad H.

  • Have you measured patient satisfaction? How is it?

OSC works hard to collect reviews, monitor patient outcomes, and track results, but the best testimony is patient loyalty. In our patients’ own words, OSC offers total satisfaction:

Dr. David Scott has been my doctor for 19 years. He has in that time replaced both my hips and both my knees. I have had complete success with all my replacements. He is a very skilled surgeon. He has a wonderful staff also. I would highly recommend him for any replacements.” ~Kathy M.

  • Which approach do you specialize in?

Due to Dr. Scott’s focus on research, he specializes in some of the most innovative techniques for joint replacement surgeries. For total knee replacements, he is the only surgeon in the Inland Northwest who offers kinematic alignment, a procedure which mimics the patient’s individual knee anatomy and leads to better results and less pain. 

With all these crucial questions answered, you can feel sure that Dr. Scott and OSC will offer the best possible orthopedic care. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your total joint replacement needs.