Dr. Scott Publishes Article with Dr. Steven Howell in Orthopedics Today

Last month, we told you about Dr. David F. Scott’s work with advancing performance of total knee replacements through innovative knee implant designs and surgical techniques. The article was picked up by several news outlets, and last month, Dr. Scott and Dr. Steven Howell collaborated on an article about these techniques that was published in the February issue of Orthopedics Today.

The article, titled “Kinematic alignment possible with manual instrumentation, medially stabilized implants,” provides insight on these advances in total knee replacements and the overall satisfaction experienced by patients. The surgical technique, known as Kinematic Alignment (KA), was made popular by Dr. Howell in 2006, and Dr. Scott has been building on and advancing this work by helping develop implants and instruments specifically designed for KA.

“Steve Howell is a leader in our field of knee replacement, and he has been responsible for helping to move us forward with more advanced surgical techniques,” says Dr. Scott. “I have always shared the same, somewhat contrarian views, and so it has been very refreshing working with some who ‘gets it’.”

Articles like this one are important in the field. Since only a small fraction of surgeons use an anatomical approach for knee replacements, articles like this help the technique to gain more exposure.

“I’m honored to have been asked by Orthopedics Today to author this article, and I’m very happy that we have the opportunity to educate our peers about this newer, more advanced surgical technique.”

You can read the article here (the article includes images of surgical procedures, so if images like that make you squeamish, take note of the second page of the article).

Dr. Scott continues to be a leader in orthopedic surgery and research.

Dr. Scott will be presenting the kinematic alignment surgical technique, and the results on a group of 200 of his patients, in Verona, Italy in early April. He will also be proctoring a cadaver lab following this presentation. He has several articles in preparation.

You can learn more about his past and ongoing research at https://orthospecialtyclinic.com/our-research.