Meet the Eccentron

Did you know OSC has the only Eccentron in the Pacific Northwest? It’s true. The Eccentron is a remarkable piece of rehabilitation equipment that utilizes eccentric resistance strength training along with advanced measures and tracking. Most commonly used for total knee replacement, ACL, and hip rehabilitation, the Eccentron can help make a noticeable difference in a patient’s recovery.


Being the only orthopedic clinic in Spokane to offer in-house physical therapy, we invest heavily in these technologies to make sure we offer the absolute best chance at recovery for our patients.  It’s this approach that prompted BTE, the developer of the Eccentron, to ask for our help on design and clinical feedback. In fact, we began working with their prototype machine starting nearly eight years ago and have appreciated its benefits ever since.

Watch this video to more about the Eccentron, available only at OSC: