Building a Better Knee

There are many aspects of knee research that can impact the overall effectiveness and quality of life for patients. Did you know OSC in Spokane is the only clinic active in all major aspects of knee replacement research? Learn about these areas and how they can impact your overall care.

Pre-Surgical Options

Before surgery is even considered, the efficacy and merit of all non-surgical options should be weighed very heavily. OSC has performed in-depth studies related to industry leading joint lubricants that could be a large part of your effective care. By performing research of this nature we remain on the leading edge of non-surgical options. This also means, at times, we’ll have options available to our patients that you simply can’t get anywhere else in the area.

Materials Research

Clinical research like that performed at OSC in Spokane has led to one of the most significant material breakthroughs for knee replacements: porous implant material. This advancement provides a surface area on the implant for bone to fuse to naturally and removes the necessity for bone cement all together. Without clinical research like that preformed at OSC, these advancements couldn’t happen.

Implant Design

Dr. David F. Scott, OSC’s leading researcher, has worked in the area of knee replacement design quite extensively, from consulting with manufacturing and research facilities to investigator initiated studies he designs himself. Just recently Dr. Scott presented research results from studies done right here at OSC in Spokane at two national meetings for orthopaedic experts. This work helped identify and quantify the benefits of a new device that has potential to become the leading technology for full knee replacements. This newer device is associated with a four-minute shorter tourniquet time during surgery. That means a 10% shorter surgical time for the patient. Dr. Scott’s work brings these advancements to patients in Spokane first.

Post-Operative Care

The success of a knee replacement is very dependent on the type and quality of post-operative care. Not only does OSC have the only fully integrated in-house post-operative therapy facilities in Spokane and the lowest post-operative infection rates for knee replacements, but OSC also participates in research that works to improve major aspects of post-operative care. OSC has preformed research on drugs that impact blood thinning, bone loss and pain management. Some of this research has lead to breakthroughs that allow for fewer injections and in some cases oral medications where previously multiple injections were required.

With this extensive expertise in every major area of knee replacement research it’s easy to understand why OSC is the #1 option for knee replacements in Spokane. If you have been told you need a knee replacement getting a second opinion and dedicated care from the area’s foremost experts is always going to be in your best interests.