How Research Can Impact Your Care

Many patients wonder how treatment at a clinical research facility like OSC may differ from going to a standard orthopaedic specialist. The simple version is: Performing clinical research demands a highly regulated environment with numerous levels of protocols and standards to ensure the patient’s rights and safety. These regulations translate to a higher degree of attention paid to each patient and better overall care.

A subject participating in a clinical research project may be required to get very specific x-rays, additional pre-operative analysis and extra follow-up appointments to measure progress. These approaches are well above the normal operating procedures of most orthopaedic specialists and inform our overall approach for patients, raising the level of care we provide accordingly.

We are also very careful, taking on only those research projects we feel will be of the most benefit to our patients. And many of our patients love the fact that not only are they receiving a higher degree of attention for their care, they are also helping future patients as well.

Clinical research is how we shape the future of healthcare. Participating in those advances is a chance to not only receive the most cutting edge medical care but also help lead the industry towards better care in general.

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