MAKOplasty in Spokane

MAKOpicOSC is excited to announce that we now offer an innovative new treatment option for those suffering with osteoarthritis of the knee. MAKOplasty is a minimally invasive surgery performed using robotic arm technology. The robotic arm system, called the RIO®, is a surgeon-controlled device that brings a new level of precision to knee surgery.

MAKOplasty provides a less invasive, more precise way to treat patients suffering from osteoarthritis of just one or two compartments of the knee. Once a patient is determined to be a candidate for MAKOplasty, a CT scan is taken of the knee. The RIO system uses the CT scan to provide patient-specific 3-D modeling for pre-surgical planning that enables the surgeon to plan the alignment and positioning of the knee implants based on the patient’s unique anatomy. The implant position is fine-tuned in a virtual environment before any bone is removed. During surgery the RIO provides real-time data and 3-D visualization that the surgeon uses as a guide to prepare the bone and position the implants.

The technology enables the surgeon to “see” the final x-ray before the surgery begins.  The robotic arm executes the surgical plan under direct surgeon control with sub-millimeter accuracy.  The result is predictable, consistent precision that exceeds the accuracy of traditional manual surgical techniques.

The MAKOplasty procedure can result in a more natural feeling joint, a quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay, and a faster return to an active lifestyle.

As one of the first surgeons in the area to offer robotic arm-assisted orthopedic surgeries, Dr. David Scott of OSC is proud to bring the latest technology to Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho. If you would like to learn more and find out if MAKOplasty for partial knee resurfacing is a good treatment option for you, please call our office at 509-466-6393 to make an appointment. 

Learn more. Check out this video from MAKOplasty:

If you are interested whether MAKOplasty might be right for you, please schedule an appointment.