Dr. David Scott Presents to the AAHKS

Dr. Scott was recently selected to present to a huge audience at the annual November meeting of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons. This presentation marks a significant milestone in two on-going studies regarding the efficacy of total knee replacements.

Read the full abstract of his mid-term presentation here.  Or check out the his PowerPoint.

The most significant preliminary finding in this research has been a four-minute tourniquet time difference between the implant surgeries. The new implant requires less bone to be removed, which leads to a 10% faster surgical time and therefore less blood loss. Before Dr. Scott created this research project to analyze the differences, no one had been able to quantify the difference.

Dr. Scott was very excited to be selected as one of 60 from over 1200 applicants to present at this year’s meeting and said the entire experience was enjoyable but a bit nerve wracking.

This comes on the heals of another presentation Dr. Scott delivered at the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty the month before in Florida. Dr. Scott presented on his research work with hip replacements and their effects on bone density at that congress.

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